Polyurea Joint Fillers

Polyurea joint fillers is a technologically advanced two component, quick setting, semi-rigid, solvent free, self levelling joint filler. 

Where to Use

  • Recommended for use as filler for interior, horizontal saw cuts or preformed control and leveling control joints
  • Typically installed in facilities such as warehouses and industrial plants, where such joints are subject to load bearing conditions involving wear and impact
  • Also used for repairing interior concrete slabs that have experienced random cracking due to shrinkage


  • Quick set formula reduces down time
  • Cures at temperatures down to -25°C
  • Hard, load bearing filler designed to withstand industrial traffic
  • Provides even load transfer across floor joints, thereby protecting joint edges from breaking down under traffic
  • Improved moisture sensitivity
  • Low modulus of elasticity